Puzzles that are Simply Teasing
Simply Teasing puzzles are a little more challenging. These puzzles are created from our in house artist,they have
been trained to come up with designs that will tease your brain. The inside pieces snuggle together while leaving empty spaces around them.
These puzzles will challenge up but they are so satisfying to solve!
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Really Tricky Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
Really Tricky puzzles are in house designed also, they are not meant to tease, they are meant to stump you. Really Tricky puzzles have pieces that fit
in more than one place,but only one place is correct. These puzzles are for people who really
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Three Dimenionsal Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
Riddle Puzzles
Limited Edition Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
Photo puzzles: this was the first puzzle we cut when we opened our doors. It was a photo
of a little boy dressed as a pirate, how fun. Just like Traditional puzzles these puzzles are limitless
in customization. We do a special puzzle called "Baby Look at You Now" where you send us a baby picture of your grown up baby,
and we will cut their grown up life into it.

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3 Dee Puzzles will amaze you by giving you twice the puzzling. A Platinum Puzzle original design where you start with a traditional puzzle and when you feel satisfied you have finished, you open a little envelope that sends you on your next adventure, rearranging the whimsies to pop up on top of the puzzle in a completely different place and create a new scene. How can you do that you may ask, well, its magic!
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Riddle Puzzles are one of our wonderful creations that also doubles your puzzling power.
You start with a traditional puzzle but some of the pieces just slide into place and do not interlock.
When you have completed piecing together you puzzle, you open a little envelope and there is a riddle,
you have to remove all those pieces that do not interlock and rearrange them to create the answer to
the riddle.
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Limited Edition are our master pieces. These puzzles have taken months if not years to design,
test, tweak, redesign,redesign some more,to bring the ultimate experience in puzzling! It's a puzzle, a game , an adventure.
Our customer have raved how these are the best puzzle they have ever done.
Limited to only fifty makes it a great collectible. Click Here to Visit Page!
A Guest Book Puzzle is a puzzle that takes the place of the guest book at your event.
The pieces are large enough for a signature or a message from your guest. We have
Guest book puzzles for weddings, birthdays, retirement parties, Bar Mitzvahs , Bat Mitzvahs,
family reunions, class reunions, Anniversary parties, baby showers , etc. If you have the
occasion we can make a guest book to fit.

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Corporate Puzzles: we can design corporate puzzles for just about any occasional gift for clients,puzzles for team building,
retirements,for guest and donors. We have also been known to create puzzles to stop the show, need
something to make a huge impact, we can help. Click Here to Visit Page!
Traditional puzzles are what most people think of when thinking of jigsaw puzzles. A lovely
image cut into pieces,we take that a little bit further... Our traditional puzzles can have straight or curvy edges,
or both! whatever you find on the edge, you are bound to find on the inside of the puzzle also. Traditional puzzles are perfect for customization.
Let us know what you would like cut into (whimsies) names,
dates figures of pets, sport,whatever strikes your fancy. The larger the puzzle the more whimsies it can accommodate. You will also find many other clever
cutting technique's hidden inside your puzzle.
There is no extra charge for this, we want to make the experience personal.Click Here to Visit Page!
Platinum Puzzles Tin
Since the opening of Platinum Puzzles way back in 2006 we have created many amazing puzzles.
We never hurry, we pay close attention to the quality of the details. From the very first piece
to that satisfying last piece the heft,the feel,the look will assure you it is the finest made.
In the tradition of fine puzzle makers we do not add a picture to our puzzles

A taste of Platinum Puzzles.
100+ different puzzles with 50 pieces for $50 each
Did you always want to try one but got sticker shock? Here's your chance.
These puzzles will challenge you almost like our larger puzzles as we have added those magic touches
that makes our Platinum Puzzles famous.
For the savvy collector you will want several.

Sampler Puzzles
Traditional Puzzlers


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Platinum Puzzles prides themselves on creating unique, custom, hand cut, wooden jigsaw puzzles. They don't want you to be just satisfied, they want you to be down right giddy!

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