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Welcome to Platinum Puzzle, we are Steve and Dee Rogers and we are wooden jigsaw puzzle makers. Our puzzles are custom made to order. We start with 5 ply cherry wood, and add a beautiful art print, you let us know what you would like cut into your puzzle and we free hand cut it one piece at a time. No presses, lasers or patterns. We pay close attention to the details. You will often see our humor with a cute whimsy or clever little game. We never hurry; we want each piece of every puzzle to be perfect. We sand the back, count the pieces and pack it in our handmade boxes or platinum colored tins. As with all the fine wooden jigsaw puzzle makers before us, we never add a picture to the box.  Dee learned the trade at Stave puzzles working with the chief tormentor himself, and in 2006 we opened Platinum Puzzles. Platinum Puzzles has blazed new trails in the puzzle industry. From our epic Limited Edition puzzles to Riddle and our famous 3-Dee puzzles. In 2012 Platinum Puzzles won the first ever awarded “innovation trophy” from their peers at the 10th puzzle parley and we are just scratching the surface of our creativity. Enjoy our website and always feel free to e-mail us your thoughts or questions to:



Steve and Dee Platinum Puzzles


About Platinum Puzzles

Platinum Puzzles prides themselves on creating unique, custom, handcut, wooden jigsaw puzzles. They don't want you to be just satisified, they want you to be down right giddy!

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A valuable object that has belonged to a family for generations. A handcut custom wooden jigsaw puzzle, from Platinum Puzzles. Nestles nicely into that catagory

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